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Fully Involved Kitchen Fire
Thursday, August 8, 2013 
At 11:15 hours Dumont Police began receiving numerous calls reporting smoke coming from a house on Romano Drive.  Chief Banta Car 210 arrived and confirmed a working fire at 60 Romano Drive.  Chief Byrd Car 211 located and relayed the location of the fire being the kitchen with heavy fire venting out the rear of the home.  Engine 3 arrived first due and its crew stretched an attack line through the front door of the home aggressively attacking the fire.  Engine 1 arrived second due and laid a 5 inch supply line to Engine 3, its crew was put to work conducting a primary search on the first floor and securing the utilities.  Rescue 3's crew went to work opening up the fire room for Engine 3.  Cresskill Rescue's crew arrived and were put to work conducting a primary search of the second floor and checking for fire extension (negative).  Engine 4's crew was detailed with opening up the first floor and checking for extension.  Truck 2's crew arrived and performed ventilation as well as a secondary search.  Quick work was made of the fire however unfortunately two dogs that were removed from the house perished.  Attempts to revive them by Dumont Police and firefighters failed.  A cat and a parrot were however rescued.  Mutual aid to the scene consisted of a FAST Team from Tenafly and a Rescue from Cresskill.  Bergenfield and New Milford FD each sent an Engine to the firehouses to provide coverage.  Two BLS Ambulances from Dumont were on scene along with a BLS Ambulance from Cresskill and ALS 211 out of Englewood Hospital.  All units were back in service by 13:00 hours.  Chief Banta was command. 

Basement Fire Uses All Hands
Friday, July 19, 2013 
At 17:19 hours the General Tones sounded reporting a smoke condition coming from 162 Niagra Street.  Shortly after dispatch, the PD began receiving numerous calls reporting heavy smoke and a possible basement fire.  Chief Byrd (Car 211) arrived and confirmed a working fire in the basement with heavy smoke pushing from the two and half story residential.  He immediately requested the working fire assignment as well as Bergenfield Ambulance to respond with their Fire Rehab unit due to the heat wave that has been unrelenting all week.  Engine 5 arrived first due securing its own water source.  Its crew stretched a line to the bravo side of the structure.  Engine 3 and Truck 2 arrived second due.  Engine 3's crew split forcing the exterior door on the bravo side leading into the basement and stretching a second line as backup to the top of the stairs.  Truck 2's crew began opening up and venting.  Engine 5's crew made an aggressive push into the basement to search for the seat of the fire.  Crews were met with heavy pushing smoke and extreme heat.  The fire was deep seated in the basement.  Engine 1 arrived third due and its crew stretched a third line into the first floor of the home while opening up to prevent the fire from extending up.  The seat of the fire was located in a rear room of the basement and had extended along the rafters to the front of the basement.  The fire was knocked down and brought under control wihin 20 minutes.  Tenafly Ladder 1 and Car 512 responded to the scene as the FAST team.  Its crew was split and put to work assisting in opening up and checking for extension.  Cresskill Rescue 1 responded to the scene and assisted in knocking down pockets of fire.  Bergenfield Engine 743 was standing by covering the East side of town.  They were moved up to the scene for relief purposes and rotated in assisting with overhaul.  Special called to the scene was Bergenfield's Rescue 746 for their air system and Bergenfield Engine 744 back filled to cover the East side of town.  An Engine from New Milford responded to Company 2 firehouse to cover the West side of town.  Dumont and Bergenfield Ambulance and an ALS unit from Holy Name Hospital was on scene.  One firefighter was transported for precautionary measures due to heat exhaustion.  BOX 54 responded as well.  Dumont Asst. Chief Byrd was command.  

Special thanks to Life Member Tom Gorman, Brett Dzadik and Bergenfield FF Alex Kneisler for their pictures.  Click on the link below for Brett's website!

Brett's Photos
Engine 3 to Demarest 3rd Alarm
Friday, June 21, 2013 
At 2100 hours Engine 3 was requested to respond to the Demarest Firehouse to standby.  Chief's Banta and Byrd along with Engine 3 responded.  Demarest FD was on scene of a 2 1/2 story split level home with a stubborn fire in the large attached garage.  Demarest along with other mutual aid towns were working on extinguishing the fire.  A large volume of miscellaneous debris was stored in the garage which hampered the efforts to bring the fire under control.  Around 2230 hours Engine 3 was moved to the scene to provide relief.  Their crew went to work with a hand line in the garage knocking down remaining hot spots.   Dumont units were back in the borough just before midnight.  Demarest Chief Motta, Car 451 was command.

Engine 4 and Rescue to Bergenfield Commercial Building
Monday, June 10, 2013 
At 07:25 hours the tones sounded requesting an Engine to respond to Bergenfield's Alert Firehouse.  Chief Banta along with Engine 4 were sent.  Upon arrival, Car 210 requested Engine 4 to divert to the scene and also requested the Rescue to respond as well.  Bergenfield FD was arriving on scene and crews were stretching in to attack a fire in a rear storage and paint room of an auto body shop located in a one story commercial building.  Engine 4 and Rescue 3 responded to the scene and stood by as Bergenfield extinguished the fire and conducted overhaul.  All Dumont units were back in the borough by 0800 hours.  Bergenfield Deputy Chief Lanzilotti was command. 

Engine 4 to Bergenfield for Stand By
Tuesday, June 4, 2013 
At 1810 hours Engine 4 responded with Chief Byrd to Bergenfield's Alert firehouse to provide coverage.  Bergenfield crews were operating at the movie theater on Washington Avenue for a fire in the duct work.  Engine 4 stood by and took in no runs.  They were back in the borough by 1900 hours. 

Engine 4 and Rescue to Bergenfield Fatal
Monday, June 3, 2013 
A little before 8am on Sunday morning, Bergenfield Fire Department requested an Engine respond to their Alert Firehouse for coverage.  Bergenfield Crews were engaged at a house fire on Luke Avenue.  Chief Banta and Engine 4 were sent.  En route, Engine 4 was upgraded to the scene.  Bergenfield FD upon arrival were met with heavy fire conditions venting from the structure.  Bergenfield immediately went to work conducting a primary search of the structure.  They located and rescued one unconscious victim and brought them outside for EMS to care for.  Dumont Rescue 3 was requested to respond to the scene the arrival of Car 210.  Engine 4 arrived and was put to work conducting a primary search of the second floor as well as stretching an additional line in with them.  Bergenfield crews were working on the first floor knocking down the heavy fire and continuing their primary search as well.  Upon the arrival of the Rescue, their crew was put to work on the roof, providing ventilation.  Unfortunately an additional victim was found deceased on the first floor of the home.  Dumont stood by at the firehouse scene until approximately 1030 hours.  Bergenfield Chief Lopez, Car 740 was command. 

Pictures by Robert Kirsch.

FAST Team to Tenafly
Friday, May 24, 2013 
Shortly after 10:00 this morning, Tenafly FD requested the FAST Team to respond to 65 Piermont Road in their borough for a working fire.  Rescue 3 responded to the scene and set up in front of the building.  Tenafly FD aggressively attacked the fire knocking it quickly.  The Rescue's crew stood fast as crews knocked down hot spots and over hauled.  They were back in service by 11:00 hours. 

HazMat and Mass Casualty Incident
Saturday, April 20, 2013 
At 21:44 hours dispatch began receiving calls from the Living Word Church at 53 East Madison Avenue reporting numerous occupants having chest pains, difficulty breathing and irritated throats.  Police officers arrived and immediately began evacuating occupants prior to the fire departments arrival.  Once the fire department arrived on scene all the occupants were out but now a police officer was having similar symptoms.  At that point New Milford HazMat, Paramus HazMat and Bergen County HazMat were requested to respond.  While awaiting arrival of the HazMat teams, Chief Byrd and a crew of 4 went on air and did a search of the building for any remaining occupants.  All were out.  Dumont Ambulance was on scene and faced with all 50 occupants of the church that were suffering from the symptoms.   MICCOM was contacted and informed of this being a Mass Casualty Incident and they activated their action plan bringing Bergen County OEM, NJ EMS Task Force, Medical Ambulance Bus 4 from Valley Hospital, the Mass Care Response Unit from Englewood Hospital, as well as ambulances from Bergenfield, Cresskill, Haworth, New Milford, Tenafly, River Edge, Teaneck and Paramedics from Englewood Hospital and Holy Name Hospital.  All were placed in staging and handled under the EMS Branch of the Command Structure.  All 50 patients were evaluated and two were transported to area hospitals.  After numerous sweeps by the HazMat teams using air monitoring and analysis equipment, nothing harmful was detected and the building was turned back over to the pastor.  The Dumont Fire Department would like to thank all of the individuals and agencies that assisted us during this event.  Your assistance, support and patience was greatly appreciated.  A special thank you to Bergen County OEM director, Mr. Tom Rose for your assistance allocating all the resources required.  In today's world anything is possible and it is good to see how well prepared and equipped our agencies are and how well we work together in a crisis.  Chief Banta was command of the incident.  All units were clear of the scene by 01:00 hours.  Click on the link below for more pictures from Brett Dzadik.

Brett's Fire Photo's
Engine 5 Responds to Bergenfield All Hands
Sunday, April 14, 2013 
Shortly after 14:00 hours Engine 5 was requested to respond to Bergenfield's Alert Fire Company to provide cover up.  Bergenfield FD was engaged at a house fire at 3 Annex Place under the command of Chief Lopez.  After Engine 5's arrival they were requested to move up to the scene and tasked with securing the utilities and then they were assigned as the FAST team as New Milford FD was put to work opening up the walls and checking for hot spots.  Chief's Banta and Byrd also responded to the scene.  All Dumont units were released by 15:00.

Rescue Goes to Tenafly
Friday, April 12, 2013 
At 13:30 hours Tenafly FD requested the FAST Team to respond to 34 Leroy Street in their borough for a heavy smoke condition inside a large mansion type dwelling.  Rescue 3 along with Chief Banta responded to the scene.  Tenafly crews were sent to the home for an activated fire alarm and upon arrival discovered a smoke condition.  The FAST team stood by as Tenafly FD investigated and located the source of the smoke.  A large spool of contractor's wire caught fire in the basement of the home.  Tenafly FD extinguished the fire and vented the home.  The Rescue returned to service within a half hour.

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